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It’s been a long day…

…but before I go to bed let me share something with you.

*Update* Check out our Facebook page. We received some awards last night. Sadly I couldn’t be there, but our own, newly elected, Madame Pres, or Madame Vice Pres were kind enough to upload the pictures. Way to go Chapter!!!

Today I made a trip to our wonderful State’s Capital, Jefferson City. I attended a, now, bi-annual Missouri Jaycees State Meeting/Training/Elections. My day started around 4:00 am. I arrived at the State Meeting about 8:00 am. My main goal of the day was to give a nominating speech for our sole State Vice President nominee. (Many other things happened, I’ll tell you later about them) I wanted to share this speech with you all. I know, I know, it’s kind of lazy, but if you already have something written why do more than you have to? Here it is.

Good afternoon. I’m extremely happy to be here, amongst my Jaycee family from across the State of Missouri, and from Indiana. I’m also excited for the potential Missouri Jaycee takeover by little ole Monett. I was asked to give this nominating speech about a week ago, but I’ve been preparing for about two or three months. You can imagine, with two lovely people from Monett running for State positions, I just knew I was going to be asked to do something. ‘Pokes’ knows that I don’t like doing this kind of stuff. If you know me then you know I’d rather be up a ladder with a snake around my neck, than to be in front of you all, talking. I know she knows this. I also know that she knows that it’s important for me to do such things. This is what makes her a good leader. She knows the right times and the right ways to push someone, like me, into doing something that will cause me to be a better person, a better leader.

I know she will do an excellent job for the Missouri Jaycees. I know this from personal experiences, especially from this year. Does anyone here know what it’s like to follow ‘Pokes Orangie’ as a local chapter President? I’ve done many, much easier things in my life. I’m not saying I’m doing a bad job or ‘Pokes’ left everything in shambles, no. I’m saying the opposite. I’m doing okay, mainly because she did such a great job. The bar was raised high. Some days I can see it and even step over it, but most days I spend time looking around because I can’t find it. But then she comes around and shows me that it really isn’t as far away as I thought it was. I know all of her knowledge, experience, thoughtfulness, determination, and dependability will all parley nicely into her new roll with the Jaycees.

I’m proud and honored to nominate ‘Pokes Orangie’ for Missouri State Jaycees Vice President.

If you happen to be a young man or woman, aged 18-40, please check to see if your community has a Jaycees Chapter. If it does please consider joining. I’ve come so far since I joined three or four years ago. Because of this I think everyone should have  the opportunity to accomplish great things.

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