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Almost Famous – It’s Twitter Time

Yesterday we went on an adventure. A twitter adventure. Can you guess who led us into this circus? That was too easy a reference, huh? Anyway, we were all asked to basically spam a ‘celebrity’ on twitter until we got an answer or a re-tweet. Easy enough. I decided to work smarter, not harder.

I picked Mitt Romney (Oh boy, didn’t really expect anything from him) and Kirby Heyborne. I’m sure we all know who Mitt Romney is, but not everyone is acquainted with good ole Kirby. Kirby replied to my tweet fifty minutes after I sent it. Good sport. Before I set out on this attempt I did some research. I decided to target people that are actually on twitter, often. There are a lot of celebrities that sign up and forget about it, or only go in spurts, every couple of months or so. If they had  tweeted that day, they were in. If they had tweeted multiple times that day, they were extra in.

There’s kind of an election going on so Mr. Romney (more than likely someone else) is on all the time. I sent tweets like,

“a Mormon and a Catholic walk into the White House….”

“Did you make sure to find a Veep with the last name that started with the letter ‘R’, or happy accident? 

“Alright, seriously, can I see your birth certificate?”

For some reason he decided not to answer me back. For the life of me I can’t figure out why. I was just trying to have some fun with it, and I’m sure he didn’t even see any of these. And I’m also sure that if he did see them, it wasn’t the first time, or second or third. Kirby was a little bit different. He answered the first one, which read,

Hey dude. I’m in a contest. Please say hello or acknowledge me. I liked The RM.

To which he replied,


Kirby Heyborne – Credit Imdb.

Simple, firm, enough for what I needed. To be honest I was a little excited. Many people don’t know who he is, but I think they will one of these days. He’s predominately known for acting roles within LDS films. Some of these films include The Singles Ward, The R.M., Saints and Soldiers, The Best Two Years, Sons of Provo, Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, and Midway to Heaven. I’ve seen half of these movies and can tell Kirby is pretty good at what he does. On top of acting he’s also a singer-songwriter, musician, and comedian. Right now he’s touring with an Improve Group, the Society Comedy Troupe. He’s also starting to break into mainstream acting. He had a part in the new Three Stooges movie that came out this past Summer. He played a guy named Teddy who is friends with the Stooges. He’s an up and comer, in my opinion. He has an IMdb profile and a Wikipedia page. We all know you can’t be famous without those things. Make sure you stay on the look out for him. He won’t disappoint. Some of the movies might, but it won’t be because of him, promise.

25 thoughts on “Almost Famous – It’s Twitter Time

  1. Brother Jon,
    I will write a follow-up post to the contest to spice things up a bit. And again, congrats on the first win…
    Le Clown

  2. Ewww really? Kirby? Anyone named Kirby is so weird. Haha but at least you got a reply! Tom Hanks’ son, Colin Hanks replied to one of my tweets once…but it was long ago..

  3. Lol, keep it up with Mitt. Those tweets are so funny. Ask him if he has ever shopped at a grocery store, I mean personally, and if so, which one.

    I haven’t decided on anyone. I followed EL James for five seconds then freaked and backed out. Her books are enough. I can’t take anymore of her psyche.

    But now I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to annoy. Well, maybe Tom Cruise. I have all sorts of questions there – but Scientologists can get kinda irked by people pretty easily. Maybe not. Ack, who will I tweeet?

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