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Is WP Messing With Me?

Today I decided to try the WP writing challenge. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here. Because of this I think WP has decided to have some fun with me.

Does WP know that I refresh the page every 1-7 minutes to keep up with my stats?

Does WP know that I have three to four cat posts ready-set-go? (The camera just loves her)

Does WP know that I have several new followers and likes and comments over the last few days?

Does WP think I’m too sensitive, and that I couldn’t possibly wait any longer for my next award?

Why, you ask, am I asking all of these questions? Because I received this today!!

What In The Heck Is Going On?

Has anyone else received an award like this? I’m not sure if I’m to think it prestigious or not. I mean, I was very happy to receive the 1000 marker award, but this, this one has left me thinking. This is bad for a person that likes to over-think things. Let’s see if I can come up with something here.

What’s the correlation between 1000 and 1337? 7-1=6. 3+3=6. 7-1+3-3=6. Uh oh….666….NOOOOOO!! That can’t be it.

Okay, today I uploaded my 34oth post. Maybe I was on 337 when they decided I need a pick-me-up. Nah, that’s probably not it either.

SO, WHY? Why do I have this award? Thank you!! But still, why?

18 thoughts on “Is WP Messing With Me?

  1. someone at WP headquarters is giggling fiendishly behind his computer. “Check this out. This will really mess with his mind.”

    I have no experience with this award, as my last award from WP was for *20 likes. Yep I have a ways to go.

  2. Dear Jon,
    This is hilarious!!!!
    WordPress knows.
    It ALWAYS knows.
    It’s watching you RIGHT NOW.
    Did you just smile at that piece of spam in your SpamBox?!
    Ok. You’ll get more JUST LIKE THAT.

    1. Hmm, a mean person would say something to the affect of “So, that’s where your screenplays came from?” But I’m not like that so I’ll just say thanks for coming by, and enjoy your awards. I’m sure you deserved them, no matter what you’ve done.

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