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What Kind of Writer are You?

I’ve always been interested in writing – in being a writer. Back a few years ago I was living alone in Texas. I decided that since I had all of this time on my hands I would write a book. I decided on a young-adultfantasy genre. I bought folders, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, markers and a Latin/English dictionary. I drew a map of the land I would be writing about. I developed a couple of characters, using the folders to keep everything organized and the dictionary to help me come up with the character’s and place’s names. I worked on this project for a total of about twelve hours. I abandoned it quickly. I’m not sure if I still have any of that stuff or not, and I don’t think it matters much if I do. That kind of writing wasn’t for me.

Later on I thought it would be neat to write a screenplay. How awesome would it be to write a movie? I wanted to write a modern-day Gangster movie, with a humorous spin. Like The Godfather or The Departed, if Wes Anderson would have written and directed them. I researched actors, directors, comedians, and real life gangsters. I wanted to incorporate the Italian and Irish mobs. I also wanted to include actual quotes  and jokes from gangsters and comedians. A trivia buffs liquid dream. Can you imagine this? Jeff Goldblum as a Jewish Consigliere to someone like Jack Nicholson. Christopher Walken as a Crime boss always having to get out of spending time with his son Mars Callahan. (These too were in Poolhall Junkies together. Check it out.) Instead of dying from guns, knives and bombs they would be more worried about heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. I still have all of this research. Maybe I can revisit it, someday.

For now I’ve realized that my best bet as a writer will be non-fiction. But, what kind of non-fiction? I’m thinking the self-help genre. I think I might have enough experience to help someone quit drinking, if they really wanted to. (I wonder if I’ve been writing about drinking too much? It’s hard not to, seeings how I know so much about it.) So, now I want to get some help from you guys. The most important think about a self-help book is its title. Let me know what you think about these.

  • My Car Only Takes Unleaded Nowadays – Get it? Cause my Crown-n-Coke is now just a Coke. I think this would be a good title because the buyer could insist that the book is about cars, if they were worried about someone asking.
  • Keeping It Between the Mayonnaise and the Mustard is Better Than Going From Ditch to Ditch – Alright, this one is a little too long, but it would have a shortened, hip name, you know. Dirty Sandwich. This book could be made to look like a driving book.
  • How to get UnDrunk – I think this one is my favorite. It’s straight forward, easy to understand, and can be interpreted as a humor book. I mean, getting sober is easy, but getting UnDrunk – that takes skillz. Skillz I gots.

Each one of these books could be interpreted as something that they are not, if the reader wants to do so. But please remember, it’s better to confront your problems head on, whether it’s with yourself, or with a friend or family member. If you think you have a problem, let someone know. If you think someone else has a problem, let them know. I have to admit, it’s really annoying for people to do this, but it was necessary for me to finally figure things out.

What kind of writing are you concentrating on?

16 thoughts on “What Kind of Writer are You?

  1. I am a writer without focus..
    when i was a kid, I wanted to write novels – but I just don’t have the attention span…
    As a teen I wanted to be a poet… but honestly I don’t like working at it… and truthfully I am more of a Noet not a poet.

    I like the title how to get undrunk…

    1. Yeah, it seems that way for me sometimes. Thanks, I never knew what Noet meant until now. I guess I was a N00b. Someone asked me about writing before and I said I was going to wait until my year of blogging is over and then go through everything and see if there is something to work with.

      1. I didn’t know what noet meant until I started following Anette over at Ink – what it really comes down to for me are the rules.

        I have a hard time following rules…grammar, syllables, punctuation – it all is just too much structure for me. I have always been a non-conformist of sorts….

  2. Oh, boy, I’m writing all sorts of things . . .

    I guess my adventure blog seems to be morphing more into fantasy with each installment. I have a fantasy novel that I started but haven’t worked on in some time. And then a literary novel. And this other literary novel that I’ve just started and apparently decided would be the best in terms of publishing first. Gah, but this takes patience.

    Anyway, I don’t like the second title, but the other two made me smile.

    1. Wow, sounds like you’re busy. Good think you didn’t like the second one. I came up with the other two today at work and struggle for a third. That’s all I could come up with.

      1. Actually, I like all three of them to varying degrees; I’ve just decided that the third (and probably first, behind that) should be my priority. But it’s also the one I’ve written the least in. And it’s hard to find time to write that stuff, dangit. Especially when I want to check on an insane amount of blogs. 😉

  3. I concentrate on fiction, though sometimes I think I should write something non-fiction. I like the UnDrunk title. I also like the unleaded concept–like Unleaded Only or something. Both are very clever. Good luck!

  4. I have so many books I’ve started and stopped . . . one was even my thesis. The problem was it was a sequel, and looking back on it I go, eh. And it’s hard to have time to write something of any length with two kids and a full-time job. (whine, whine)

    I took a writing class and really enjoyed it. Now I’m reading that 50 Shades book, national bestseller, and watching her break every single rule I learned. Every. Single. Rule. Including the rule of good taste. It’s awful. Sometimes you wonder – good grief, why bother?

    I wonder too about non-fiction. I’m pretty good at that. Or something where I can make fun of a lot of stuff. I would love to be paid to make fun of stuff. Talk about a dream job.

    Oh, I like the Undrunk one too.

    1. Yeah, it would be great to be paid to make fun of stuff.
      I wonder about writing rules, and if they even matter. Good thing I live in a small town and I’m still friends with some of my English teachers.

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