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Thank You For All of the Likes, Madame.

I was missing a friend yesterday so I went back and re-read her last post. I got to thinking about blogroll contests, hot dead people and Pepsi. In fact, I bought a twelve pack of Pepsi Max yesterday. I’ve enjoyed it so much, it’s almost gone. I’m impressed with the fact that History is her “thing”. History wasn’t something that I was interested in until after I dropped out of college. It’s a lot easier to learn and research things when there isn’t someone telling you that you have to. If Weebs would’ve been behind all of the History School Books, I’m thinking this wouldn’t have been a problem for me. I can’t wait to read what she currently has in the works.

There does seem to be a correlation between her deciding to take some time off, and a few other things happening with my blog. Tell me what you guys think. First, check out this little thing I received on Friday.

On Friday September 7, 2012 you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Brother Jon. That is awesome, well done!

Pretty awesome, right? The last time I got one of these was on August 23rd, about two weeks prior. It’s always nice to get a notification like this, especially if you don’t get them very often. That’s what the next one even better.

On Saturday September 8, 2012 you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on Brother Jon. That is awesome, well done!

Holy cow! Two days in a row of having the most likes in a day. I wonder if I can do it again? The day is still young. You know why I think this is going on? Because the Weebs isn’t around. That’s what I think. People need to fill a void. Insert Brother Jon. They’re not spending all of their time liking and commenting on all of her post, thus giving them just enough time to come over and visit me. I am patiently awaiting your return, but I’m also enjoying all of this attention in the meantime. (Hopefully we’re not taking too much attention away from the Clowny dude. Heaven knows he needs all the attention he can get.)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of my cat, not caring one bit about Le Clown. (Maybe some of my likes and views are up because he’s finally calmed down. Hmm. Now that I say that we’re gonna end up with about eighteen more badges that all link back to his circus. At least I’m “cute”, right buddy?) On this post Madame Weebles commented “I love Mini. I know she doesn’t care that I love her, which makes her even more lovable.” To which I replied “I think she thinks your alright too.” Guess what?

Nap number 72. She usually gets about 25-52 in while I blog.

She proved me wrong, yet again. Thanks a lot cat. Extended diet for you it is.

14 thoughts on “Thank You For All of the Likes, Madame.

  1. Well put me in the oven and bake me for an hour…I’m so honored! But you’ve earned those Likes fair and square, you know. And I am confident that your Likes will not go down upon my return…which will be quite soon, actually.

    That Pepsi Max is good stuff, isn’t it? And tell Mini I still love her. I find feline indifference endearing.

  2. love me some Weebs and miss her so much. Nice Post, BroJo, but I think you’ve earned likes on your own with your own unique self. That’s what Weebs would say (and did). :).

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