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I Don’t Mean to Complain…

But I feel the need to say something.

I’ve noticed that there have been quite a few people having trouble getting my name right. No big deal, but it doesn’t seem that difficult to me. First let me tell you where my name came from. My Great-Grandfather’s name was John. We called him Papa John, and he was around before the pizza guy. I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful man, before he died, around 1996 or so. He was still going strong. Anyway, I was supposed to be a “John”. I think this was decided sometime before I was born. On the day I was born my Muddah was laying there, in the hospital, thinking about my name. John, John, John. On a whim she decided that she didn’t want me named after a bathroom – Where’s the John? But she still wanted to name me after my Great-Grandfather so she decided on Jonathan.

Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent with Phyllis Thaxt...
Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent with Phyllis Thaxter as Martha in Superman (1978). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a good name, but I didn’t always thinks so. When I was younger I thought it sounded childish, for some reason. There aren’t that many people, that I know of, named Jonathan. Later on when I saw a Jonathan I felt proud to have this name. I think the first time I saw this was on an episode of Jeopardy. He won too, so what does that say about me? As I got older I turned more and more to being called Jon. People would ask which I preferred and I would say “depends whether or not my mom is around.” For a while she was pretty adamant that I was Jonathan, not Jon. Now she calls me P.D. so it doesn’t make much difference anymore. So, as you can imagine there has ended up being some Jon or John confusion. I tell people that there is no reason to waste that “H” on me. We have to conserve all we can, any way we can. Am I right?

I wanted to show some famous Jon’s, to see if it would make it easier for everyone to remember.

Jon Stewart – The anchor of The Daily Show and also the fourth lead male cast member of the movie Big Daddy. He is known for his stand-up. Given name – Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Jon HammWell known actor for his role on Mad Men. Before getting into acting he was an eighth grade acting teacher for his Alma Mater, here in Missouri. Given name – Jonathan Daniel Hamm.

Jon JayMajor League Baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals. Over his three-year, professional, career he has averaged over .300. He is originally from Florida, as am I. Given name – Jonathan Henry Jay.

Jon VoightAcademy Award winning actor known for films like Deliverance, Varsity Blues, Mission: Impossible, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and he even played Pope John Paul II in a TV mini series. Given name – Jonathan Vincent Voight.

Jon FavreauWell known actor and director. Movies he’s acted in include Rudy, Swingers, Daredevil, and Iron Man. Movies he’s directed include Zathura, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Cowboys and Aliens. Given name – Jonathan Kolia Favreau.

As you can see all of these Jonathan’s go by Jon. Other nick names for Jonathan have been listed as Jonny, Nathan and Jo-Nathan. You can call me Jonny IF you have my permission.

Do you have trouble with people getting your name right?

47 thoughts on “I Don’t Mean to Complain…

          1. Funny enough… On the drive back from school, I asked my son: Who’s the stupidest character of Star Wars? And he said: Jar Jar Binks, but it’s not nice to make fun of him…

            1. That’s right.
              I never really minded him that much, and kind of thought it was funny how everyone was so angry at Lucas for doing that.
              I also liked a stand-up routine Bobcat Goldthwait did about going to the 25th anniversary of Star Wars. I think that’s when they did some digital updates on Jabba the Hut and all of the people in the crowed started yelling FAKE, FAKE. “Yeah, he’s fake. Not like the totally real Chewbacca!”

  1. I know exactly what you suffer from, Brother Jon. People spell my name incorrectly all the time and have my whole life. Even when I spell it out, they still will stick a D or an E in the middle of it when they spell it back to me.

    Love all the Jon’s you mentioned btw, except for the baseball one ’cause I don’t know him. But I like Jon-Jon. Or how about BroJo. Combining the two like celebrities do.


    1. Well, my boss used to call me JJ and Jon-boy. Now I’m 30 so I guess that doesn’t really fit anymore. Jon-Jon isn’t too bad. Reminds me of Star Wars, you know, Tauntaun.

      Actually, Sara from Laments & Lullabies suggested that on twitter on her birthday. I told her it was okay, but only when we were talking about my R&B career.

  2. One time my teacher called me Lillian and I was like, “Umm yeah that’s not my name.” I hate when people just assume your name is something different. Kind of like what I did with yours. I’m glad you pointed it out to me though, because now I’ll never forget! 😀
    My grandpa once gave me an engraved bracelet that said “Lilly” on it. I was like……yeah not how you spell my name. But thanks?

  3. I don’t know what it is about ‘H’s but people are constantly trying to put one in my name too. It is Ta-ree-sa not Thu-ree-sa.
    I just tell people my parents didn’t get that extra spin on the Wheel of Fortune so no ‘H’ for me puh-leez.

  4. All the time, but understandly so i guess…it’s why i coined my nickname Boomie…a variation of my real name.
    I had a professor in college who wanted to call me by my first name…the whole thing. I thought it was nice of him but told him not to…he insisted and tried so many times in class and while i appreciated his efforts, he made a mess of it all the time…so i finally with all the politeness i could muster told him not to ever call me whatever he thought he was calling me…he asked why and wanted to know why i preferred the nickname…my answered shocked him and the entire class…though i didn’t mean it the way they took it lol…but at least they never butchered my name again and called me Boomie lol.

    1. That’s nice. I took a computer class in middle school. Later in the year a Mexican kid joined our class, his name was Jose. One day we had a sub-teacher. When he called roll he said his name like Joe-See. The kid looked up and said Joe-See your mama.

  5. My first name is fine, but my last name gets butchered quite a bit both in the spelling and pronunciation. It’s supposed to sound like the past tense of “Locker.” But people often pronounce “Lockhard” or something like that. I’m not upset that people don’t get it right because it is an oddly spelled name. On my mission, I was sometimes referred to as “Elder Lock-Your-Heart.” 🙂

          1. I could tell quite a few interesting stories about that mission. It definitely has a lot of extremes, both good and bad. I was in Gaithersburg, Maryland when the Sniper Shootings started taking place back in 2002. I’ve dated myself already. Anyway, we weren’t allowed to leave our apartments some days because of them, and I met a Sister missionary who saw someone get shot in the head at a gas station. It was really sad.

            Soon after that I got transferred to Anacostia, which is a really bad part of D.C. There were a lot of drunk, unemployed, frustrated people living there. But a lot of them were really humble and teachable. I got a few bottles thrown at me once, and I heard a lot of gunfire on Halloween, but I never got mugged or anything like that. I was really blessed. Definitely not as bad as Arkansas, though, I’m sure. 🙂

            1. That sounds like something else. I won’t have an opportunity to serve a mission until I get married, have kids, raise kids and retire. I’m looking forward to it, and I like hearing other people stories. I was 29 when I was baptized, so it sounds like we’re right at the same age. If I’m not old then you aren’t either. 😉

  6. Jonathan is a great name. I like it a lot.

    People don’t have trouble pronouncing my name. But since I live in a very multicultural city (and country), it gets pronounced differently depending on the language. But I like that. I think it’s cool 🙂

    1. Thank you. I found out that I got the story of where if came from a little wrong. The one I was told the other day was way cooler than what I put down here. Something about John being a plain name and that I was meant for greatness, hence Jonathan.

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