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The Most Expensive Haircut of all Time

Not every moment in my life while I was drinking was bad. In fact I have some very pleasant memories from back then. This is one of them.

Back in 2010 I was the Chairman for our Jaycees, Relay for Life team. That means I was also the Captain of the team. I was the one responsible for coming up with ideas that would help raise money for the event. I wasn’t doing a very good job. We had tried garage sales and other such things but nothing really seemed to raise that much money. Then one night, while I was sitting at the bar, about six drinks in, I got on my phone and ‘Facebooked’ that I would be willing to shave my head if the price was right. Lo and behold a crazy women picked up on it right away. She ‘Facebooked’ me back and suggested that our friend cut it off and asked how much they would have to raise for me to do it. I said that it was a good idea to have Miss S. shave it, and that $500 sounded like a good round number. This all happened ONE WEEK before the Relay for Life event was supposed to take place. I just knew that there was no way they could raise that much in one week. Boy was I wrong, and this is the reason why I just called Miss K. a crazy lady.

I’m pretty sure they used this picture for the fundraiser.

The next day they stole borrowed one of my pictures off of Facebook and printed it out four or five times. They made sure to get one that really showcased my hair. I have a pretty good head of hair. So much so some people took to calling me Johnny Bravo. Anyway, they took these pictures and pasted them onto big coffee cans and delivered them to all of the bars in town. One went to the local VFW. One went to a place called The Bayou. One went to a place called The Depot. And one went to where I work. I’m not sure if there were any more than that, but it didn’t really matter. Every place I went I got asked “are you really going to shave your head?” Well, I’m going to have to if they make it. My hair was so well-known I even had a girl drop a note inside the coffee can, instead of money, that said “please don’t let them shave your head!!” They were even in cahoots with the owner of the company I work for. He told them that whatever they were lacking by the end of the week let him know, and they would cut a check for the difference. He didn’t have to cut a very big check.

Miss S. and myself before the haircut.

By the day of the event they had raised $576. And somehow everyone knew about it too. I had told them that my only responsibility was to show up. They had to bring the clippers and have the power for them. As you can imagine, they didn’t forget. The only thing I made sure to do was buy a hat before that night. I also didn’t get my hair cut on the usual day, so it was extra long for this occasion. We got there and set up our campsite. We enjoyed all of the normal festivities that go along with these kinds of events, food, prayer, remembrance, and teamwork. Then the ceremonies were on their way. Another thing that I didn’t expect is when they asked for us to do it up on the stage, in front of everybody, just me and her, with everyone watching. I’m kind of a nervous fellow so this had me on edge a little bit. We had the opening prayer, the opening lap for survivors (which Miss S. was a part of), the lap for the survivors and care takers, the lap for everyone, and then locks of love. I believe we went up after this.

Me after the cut. I’m not sure what I’m thinking at this moment.

So, the stage was bare, except of course for us two and a chair. I walked up and sat right down. While sitting there I noticed that everyone and their dog, literally (Right Muddah?) was there to watch this. I had bald people giving me a hard time, haired people cheering me on, and there were even people that I hadn’t seen in years coming out of the woodwork. I was only a little nervous, but things lightened up when they couldn’t get the clippers to work. Ah-ha! I was going to get to keep my hair, or so I thought, for about 30 seconds. I think a whole team of engineers and electricians came over to make sure everything would work alright. They got every thing going, so we posed for a few more pictures before the first swipe. The plan was to use a #2 guard so I didn’t have to go completely bald. She started, and told me that she was more nervous than I was. The first cut was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that it came from the middle front of my head. No going back, no matter what. The clippers they had weren’t the best, and apparently my hair is fairly thick so we had to throw the guard to the side. I was going to go completely bald. Remember what I said about the shape of the clippers? Yeah, I think as much hair was being pulled out as it was being cut off, but it was all worth it. The cut took about ten or fifteen minutes and then I was on my way to join the rest of the walkers.

It was really harmless. If anything I found out that I don’t have a weird shaped head, so I don’t have to worry about actually going bald. I’m thinking that I may need to do it again – for a cheaper rate. Maybe get the G-man to do it. Just thinking out loud, don’t mind me.

There’s a lot of different ways that I decide what to write on any given day. Sometimes I just happen to remember a story. Other days I see something in the news that triggers a memory. Today is different. I decided to write this post as a tribute to Miss S. She passed away this Tuesday morning. It’s very sad, but only for a moment. I know with all of my heart that she is smiling down on us from above. No more pain, no more discomfort, no more worries. She will be missed, but not for long. I know, for certain, that myself, and all of the other people that love her will see her once again. Our life on Earth is but a moment when compared to the Eternity that we are going to be able to see her smiling face and flowing hair. God bless her, her family and friends. You are now and forever in my thoughts.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. ~ Matthew 5: 4

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