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The Laborist of all Labor Days

Boy do I have some NEWS for you. Hold on, let’s see if you can guess what it is. Is it that Brother Jon got Freshly Pressed for writing yet another post about his cat? No. I’ve yet to click a cute enough picture for that. Oh, I bet you’re going to do a Blog Roll contest À la Le Clown? Heavens No! I don’t have the stamina for that. Okay. Are you writing the script for Footloose 2 – Attack of the Clones? You wish. Note to self; Start writing script, call George Lucas for help and ask Bruddah to assist in writing all of the Ukelele themed songs. Anyway, it’s none of the above. It has to do with celebrating the Fourth of July on the last official day of Summer. If you don’t remember, this is how the whole thing started. Go ahead and take a second to read that.

Now that you’re back, let me tell you how my Labor Day went. It started out around 8 o’clock in the morning. I got out there early to mark off vendor spots, help set up our Freedom and Fireworks/Jaycees booth, and to pick up some things out of the barn. We needed to pick up a game that a local high school cheer-leading squad was going to do a fundraiser with and some crates to use as stairs for the trailer/stage. Speaking of the trailer/stage someone happened to drop the ball and forgot all about this. (That’s me!) So we spent a good fifteen minutes calling around to find one, and ended up working something out fairly quick.

Here’s where things start to get a little interesting. On our way to the barn I received a phone call from a local news reporter. She asked me a few questions about our event and then asked if she could come down and film some things and get an interview. I said we could probably find someone for that. I really didn’t want to do this, but I guess I would in a pinch. We got back from the barn and I told the other committee members that the news was coming and they said they already knew this. Guess what? A different station had called. We had two stations coming down to film and get interviews. While I was away, working very, very hard, they sat around and decided that this would be the perfect job for me. Thanks guys! Who needs enemies, right?

Well, we went about our business. All of the vendors were pretty much ready and in place by about eleven. At about 11:15 the first news guy showed up. He walked around and filmed several of the vendors, finally coming over about an hour later to get an interview from one of the committee members. Our past President decided to bite the bullet and do this interview, as long as I did the other one. I agreed and watched from afar. She did good. It’s the easiest video to find on the web, if you know what you’re looking for. I believe one of her quotes was “Since we couldn’t have fireworks on July Fourth we decided to end Summer with a bang!” Now that’s clever. I wished I had thought of that. Anyway, she took off after that and left me with a few of our regular members. We were having a good time, and then the other news lady showed up.

You know how they pick the most redneck, backwoods people to interview for things like tornadoes, UFO sightings, and traffic accidents? Guess what? They do that for July 4th/Labor day celebrations too. Just in case you didn’t click the link above, check it out here. This news lady did pretty much the same thing that the other guy did, accept this time she had me to interview. Holy Heck. You know what the funny thing is? I wasn’t nervous at all. It was just her and a camera and that was it. I don’t remember a single thing that I said, but I wasn’t nervous. My Muddah showed up right in the middle of it, but for some reason she decided not to come talk to me right away. Maybe next time, what do you think?

So, we got all that jazz out-of-the-way and put it on cruise control for the rest of the afternoon. We had some people show up throughout the day, but not many. We had three live bands and a DJ for entertainment. There were basically the band members wives and girlfriends there to listen to the first band. The second band brought a little bit of a following. They were a bluegrass band that is from our town, I think. After they finished I went and paid them for their services and headed back over to my seat. Sitting there, waiting on people to show up, trying to stay cool guess what happens? A Third New Crew Showed Up! At this point in time I was the ONLY committee member within range. They were wondering around, almost as if they were lost. I decided to be nice and go over and help them out. I got asked to do yet another interview. This one was a little bit shorter. I think it aired Tuesday morning. I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m not sure if I even made it in. Oh well.

The third band got started around 5:30, and they started out playing to a limited crowd. They played all the way to 7:45. It was a heck of a show. I was starting to feel bad for them cause there weren’t that many people to play to, and then the gates opened up. The first two news shoots went up around 6 p.m., allowing plenty of time for people to make it down for our 8:15 fireworks. It was great. Around 7 p.m. my Bruddah showed up in his dress blues. He’s a member of the National Guard, and has been for about ten years now. He also did a tour in Iraq back in 2006. He was there to offer our Patriotic speech. Our local news guy showed up and took some notes about the band and headed our way. He asked me if I was going to be the Master of Ceremonies for the night. I said no, because I had already been in front of the camera twice today. He was glad to hear that cause come to find out he’s the one that got the word out about our Celebration. He took mine and Bruddah’s picture and our Faddah’s. Our grandfather had been born in our hometown in 1908, so our family has a little bit of history here.

At 7:50 one of our Jaycees members went up and read a Patriotic Poem that he had written that was very good. At 7:58 Bruddah went on. His speech was very well received. I was in the middle of trying to fix some electrical problems with one of the vendors, but I still heard bits and pieces. I had gave him a plug in my interviews, so he did the same for me in his speech. It was really great. Then, it was time for FIREWORKS! They started around 8:20 and lasted for about 22 minutes. I’m not much into fireworks but I happen to think this was a pretty good show. Most people seemed pleased with it anyway. We had thousands of people there watching. I’m happy with how the celebration turned out, and even more tickled that the BIG NEWS for labor day, in our neck of the woods, was the fact that our little town was having Fourth of July in September. “Don’t tell the people in the city of Monett that Summer is over.” That’s a quote from one of the news cast.

I’m thinking we need to have Halloween during Valentine’s day and vice verse. See if we can’t stir up some more exposure for our town. What a day. How did you all celebrate your Labor Day?

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