All I did was meet a ‘Country music legend’, this person got to SEE George Clooney, for like an hour. That’s way cooler.

Marvelous Pigs in Satin

So, every great blog must have a breathtakingly thrilling story of when the blogger (or bloggess) had a brush with greatness.  It isn’t just a blog thing either.  Every red-blooded American has to have a chance to meet fame.

Now I have not spoken to a country music legend, nor have I ever had Will Wheaton send me a picture of himself collating paper, nor has James Garner ever kissed me in front of an elevator.  (Oh how I wish that last one were true.  If I ever did meet James Garner in front of an elevator, I would probably freeze with my eyes huge–like his own personal garden statue–or worse, stare at my feet until he left—which is why he didn’t kiss me when we didn’t meet in front of an elevator because I didn’t jump up and down and gush, “Oh my gosh I LOVE…

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