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I was kicked out of a bar once…

…for no good reason. But, that’s what everyone says, right? I really mean it this time. It had to have been around 2001 or 2002. A friend of mine invited me out to a concert with her and another friend. I was about 19 or 20, and the concert was going to be taking place in a dance club/bar. That would be my first time in a place like that.

Greatest Hits... And Then Some (Aaron Tippin a...
Greatest Hits… And Then Some (Aaron Tippin album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The concert was to happen at a place called Cowboy’s 2000, in Springfield, MO. Around here Springfield is known as the City. With a population of about 160,000 it is a big city compared to our measly 8,900. We live about 45 minutes away, depending on who’s driving. Anyway, we went to watch Aaron Tippin. Does anybody know who this is? Didn’t think so. Let me refresh your memory. He had various hits in the 90’s including; You’ve Got to Stand for Something, There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio, I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way and That’s as Close as I’ll Get to Loving You. He was pretty quiet for a couple of years until his comeback song came out, Kiss This. This song is the reason why we went to go see him. It was kind of catchy, but I understand why he was playing such a small venue at the time.

Aaron Tippin - Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN (...
Aaron Tippin – Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN (08/30/2011) (Photo credit: Timothy Wildey)

We arrived and settled into our seats at the back of the place. I’m not a dancer, so I made sure I was as far away from the dance floor as possible. I don’t really remember much of the show, but I guess it was alright. Throughout the entire show I never got up, never went anywhere, didn’t even look at anyone the wrong way. After the show was over we moved onto the dance floor (not sure how this happened) because the girls had seen some of their friends. I stood out there for about 15 or 20 minutes, and headed back to the table to have some of my soda. When I went to go back to the dance floor, to meet back up with my friends, I was stopped by this older lady. She asked me “Have you been drinking?” To which I immediately said “No!” She replied with “Yes you have. You need to leave!” What the heck is going on? What a good first impression of the local drinkeries. Turns out this lady was the owner’s mom, or something like that. I guess she was just too bored. And by the way, I hadn’t been drinking. At all. Cross my heart. I think you know I would admit to something like that. Anyway, I told my friends what had happened and headed towards the door. If anything the place did have over sized bouncers. Here is where you can see that everything happens for a reason. Or, that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

I walked out the door and took a few steps, so I could wait for my friends to come out. After they came out we headed towards the car. On the way we noticed a short line of people, waiting to see Aaron Tippin! Would you look at that! We got in line and received signatures, pictures and hand shakes. Did you know Aaron was about 3’6? Well, not really, but he was shorter than me, which is hard for a guy to do. He was totally nice and really down to earth. To this day I think this is the most famous person I’ve ever actually talked to.

I never was kicked out of a bar or club after that. I was cut off a couple of times, but I better save that story for later.

Have you guys ever been wrongly kicked out of an establishment?

18 thoughts on “I was kicked out of a bar once…

  1. That’s so cool! I probably should have been kicked out of a bar or two…but I think women can get away with more. Totally unfair that you were kicked out though!

    1. It’s kind of weird looking back and seeing how I went from being totally pissed off to totally amazed in a space of about 15 minutes.

      Yeah, I went back after I turned 21 with some friends and that lady never messed with me, but she always messed with my friends.

  2. Believe it or not, I used to LOVE Aaron TIppin… and I think I actually saw him in concert (opening for someone else) – maybe… shit all runs together….

    Anyway – yes, I have gotten wrongly kicked out of a bar… It was right after my 21st birthday and my then fiance’s Aunt decided she wanted to take me out drinking…. she took me to one of her favorite dive bars…. where she at some point had tried to get her VERY underage NIECE in to party…. the bar tender looked at his Aunt… looked at me and my ID (I looked a lot like her niece) and kicked us out….true story…

  3. ‘Did you know Aaron was about 3’6? Well, not really, but he was shorter than me, which is hard for a guy to do’ — hard to do — that’s funny Jon!

    I have been ‘asked’ to leave a couple of times, yes, because I would get so drunk I’d put my head on the bar and pass out. That’s pathetic innit.

    1. Oh, that’s not too bad. I was ‘asked’ to leave several times. But when you live in this small of town, and you get to know the bar tenders all very well it’s easy to want to hang out after closing time. The bouncers never thought so though.

  4. I like that “Kiss This” song. I haven’t heard it in awhile. I’ve never met anyone really famous–but I did stay in a hotel in St. Louis where they were filming a George Clooney Movie and got to sit about 10 feet away while they filmed and I was waiting to check it. That was cool. I watched them film for almost an hour and that bit wasn’t 10 seconds long in the finished movie. hhmm I should post about that story I guess

  5. I believe that there is a certain prestige that goes with being kicked out of an establishment versus just visiting.

    I was once at a party with my late wife talking about our vist to San Diego and La Jolla, California. A very elegant and snooty woman sniffed at us and said “When you were in La Jolla, did you happen to stay at the exclusive Valencia Hotel?”

    I replied: “Madam, we were thrown out of the Valencia Hotel.”

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