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The Contest That Never Ends

You mean to tell me that this “Blogroll Contest” is still going on? Holy heck, how’s a Brother supposed to get anything done? I guess I’ll just have to talk about it some more – Talk about how it’s affecting my home life.

I haven’t shaved for days. There appears to be about three weeks worth of dishes stacked up in the sink. My trashcan is full of Ramen Noodle wrappers and frozen pizza boxes. And the cat, oh Heavens, the cat. She’s upset mad peeved pissed off. Not so much at me. It’s mostly directed towards the perpetrator of this Contest. She likes my blog. I even have proof.

See, she likes MY blog. Or, at least she’ll pose in front of it.

“Hello Faddah Bruddah. You got a good thing going here. Hey, how come you don’t call it Bruddah Jon? I think that would sound more hip.”

“Why, thank you Seester Daughter. I really appreciate that. Well, you see, I don’t talk like that, you do. I think I’ll stick with Brother Jon. Alright, this post is done. Lets see if I can catch up on other posts.”

“You know  the rules. No more of that Clown sucka. He’s rubbing off on you. Now your scared of scary movies, and have nightmares. And your feet are getting bigger. Not to mention you started wearing funny looking hats too.”

Uh-oh. I should have been a little more sneaky.

“Hey, Faddah Bruddah!! Did you not listen to anything I just said!! Where’s that off button!?!? Make it stop, make it stop!!!”

“Now, now. Take it eaaasy. He’s not that bad. What he’s doing is a good thing.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it. You gots a lot of explaining to do.”

Okay, here we go. Mini, you think Le Clown is narcissistic, self-promoting, egotistical, self-centered and vain. Guess what? He is. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Whether or not we like to admit it, we all are. How can you post your thoughts, stories, tales, daily ramblings if you didn’t think someone out there would read it? At one point in time, on some kind of level I’ve been every single one of those things that you use to describe Le Clown. What’s that? You think this contest has pushed it over the top? Yeah sure, he’s gotten record-breaking views and comments, and probably even a few more followers. But guess what? That’s not all that’s happened. Le Clown has a wide fan base. That means not everyone knew each other…until now. He’s opened up the community. He’s allowing new people to be introduced to more substantial people. We’re all making new connections, making new friends, meeting new people to draw inspiration from. What do I do if I don’t know what to write about? I read other people’s stuff. Now I have a bunch of other people to read from. All because of Le Clown. Sure, I may have eventually gotten to meeting some of these wonderful bloggers, but Le Clown has caused a Fire to be lit underneath all of us. He’s taken weeks, or months of casual blog-sifting-time and crammed it into a good four or five days.

To this I say, Thank You Le Clown.

So, now I’m going to show you all of the new, wonderful bloggers that I have followed because of Le Clowns contest.

Curmudgeon at Large

Gman’s Galaxy


Robin Coyle

Someone Fat Happened

Little miss obsessive’s anatomy!!


The Good Greatsby


Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars


Frankly, my dear

A Rich, Full Life In Spite of It

So, go check these people out. Please. And Le Clown, this IS a Picture Contest entry.

14 thoughts on “The Contest That Never Ends

  1. Brother Jon,
    Purrrrfect! (that was too easy….).
    1. You called Le Clown a gorgeous narcissistic: 5 clown noses;
    2. A blog post plus link: 5 clown noses;
    3. 2 pictures of a beautiful kitty: 20 clown noses.
    4. You added links to fellow blogger competitors: 10 clown noses.
    Total: 40 clown noses!! Who would you like to give them to?
    Le Clown

  2. Follow meeee! Follow meeee! I love your cat. I can’t believe you think we bloggers are narcississsit . . . uh full of ourselves. I happen to be delivering a MESSAGE to the WORLD about snark. Which you must see, but this is not self promotion, it is merely delivering the word of my humble greatness. Oh yeah and follow meeeeee! Pretty sure your cat wants you to.

    I think the competition has gotten to me.

  3. Entertaining post Bruddah. I talk to my cat too. I agree with you entirely. I have found a plethora of great blogs to read – including yours. I haven’t watched TV for days and I even forgot to write my own for a while. Thank you for putting me on your list!

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