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What All The Fuss Was About (Mormon Carnie)

Alright. This past week has been filled with a lot of hard work and dedication. The Monett Jaycees spent the first half of the Week, Sunday through Tuesday, moving rides over and getting everything set up. From Wednesday through Saturday we spent our evenings helping run these rides, from 6:30 to 10:00 each night. The finale night, Saturday, was spent tearing down all the rides and putting them back up in our barn. We finished around 3:30am Sunday Morning. With out further adieu here are the rides we spent three days putting together and five hours taking apart. Enjoy!

The Fun Bus (1950’s)

I had the privilege of running this ride for about an hour on Friday night. This may be my favorite to run, as you don’t really need to be that special to do it, so yea for me. Flip switch, talk to parents, flip switch, do it again. (Pay no attention to the Johns By The Way. Mormon Joke, HaHa)

All Aboard! (1940’s or 50’s)

I did not have to run this one this year, but I have in the past. I DO NOT like this ride. There is a button up front that blows a horn. Great for the kids, bad for the carnies. People who run this one go through a lot of Aleve.

Sail the Seven Seas (1930)

I got to run this one for a few minutes during our opening night. Personally I think this one is the most fun. (It goes the fastest. Remember that for next year kids.) The only problem I have with this ride is that I don’t have the greatest back, and this one takes some lifting every once in a while.

Up Up and Away!! (1930)

We had a wonderful Senator, and his wife (Not as in Congress. This is a Jaycee term. If you are an outstanding Jaycee you can be awarded a “Senator-ship”.) from the Macon Jaycees come down to help us on Friday night. He ran this ride most of the night, until I was sent over to relieve him. This has the same problem as the Boats do. Watch out if you have a bad back. Not bad other than that.

Keep that wheel to the left!! (1940’s or 50’s)

I didn’t get to mess around with this one that much. It ended up giving us the most trouble, as you can probably tell from the picture. The good thing is we actually had people running it, all four nights, that would pay attention to the riders, so no one got hurt.

And They’re Off!! (1940’s or 50’s)

We were able to recruit one new member this year and he ended up running this one. He’s a natural, and I’m excited to have him. This is the ride that gives us the most trouble with tear down and put up. Also, the kids probably like this one the most so we can’t get rid of it. (Maybe we should repaint the bottom to look like Yellow Bricks. Get it? Or maybe Emerald. How about now?)

Need to cool down?

These are the newest additions to the Carnival (not counting the games) This is where kids, and parents, can come up and get three or seven water balloons and launch them at each other. This is usually a hit, as we always have the Carnival during the third week of July.

My Arch Nemesis. (1956ish)

This is the ride that has given us the most trouble over the last three years. This year we finally found out that the horrible noise it had been making, over the last two years, was nothing more than two belts rubbing something the wrong way. We were able to get a welder out there and put on a brace that fixed the problem. I ended up running this one on our finale night. It’s the most worrisome to run, but also a fan favorite, so there isn’t much down time. The best part is being able to tell some of the parents that they’re too big for it.

View from the South

Here you can see how we have everything laid out. At the middle left you can see our dunk tank. This is always a favorite too.

View from the North

Here you can see the pits for the run down cars. Also notice the tent falling down. These are problems we had to deal with everyday.

It was seven days of hard work , but it was definitely all worth it. I want to thank the Chairperson for doing a great job and all of the other members and chairs for coming out and helping us. We couldn’t have done it without you.

I also want to thank our community for coming out and supporting us. It’s a great feeling to see all the kids having so much fun, knowing that their fun is directly related to some other people’s happiness. The proceeds form this project are what helps us run all of our other projects like Toys-4-Tots, Thanksgiving Day Baskets, Adopt-a-Family and so on. Good does produce more good. Happy will always spiral into more happiness.

On a side note, if you remember this is our 82nd annual Carnival. So, anyone that was born and raised in or around Monett, that came to the Carnival this year, has rode on these rides sometime in the past. It’s amazing to hear the parents and grandparents talk about this kind of stuff.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. ~ Galatians 6: 9

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7 thoughts on “What All The Fuss Was About (Mormon Carnie)

  1. Oh loved these pictures.. reminds me of home and our church carnivals when I was a child.. Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. I have been to this carnival! I remember now that 4 years ago while Ben was gone to Basic Training, I brought the kids for the day. I didn’t know what Jaycees were back then, but the kids had a blast and I was glad to stand in the middle where I could see most of the rides and just give them tickets whenever they came back for more!

    I think all the carnival history is fun and also I think I caught all the Wizard of OZ references. I love movie 🙂

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