(G)lacier (L)ayers in (V)ancouver

English: Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarette

I’ve been noticing some of the junk mail I’ve been getting at work over the last few weeks. I’m not sure if they have been coming for a while or not, but they seem to be really interesting. The first one I noticed today was for Smokeless Selects; an electronic cigarette for the people who still want it to look like they are killing themselves! (No offense to my friends and family who still smoke. I know what it’s like, and how hard it is to quit.) I quit 5 months ago, why do I need to receive these e-mails?

The next one is for Cobra Health insurance. I don’t know much about this, but what I’ve heard it’s to help people have continual health insurance after they have lost their jobs. Does the person or persons sending me these e-mails know something that I don’t? Hmm, I’m not going to worry too much about this one. I’m totally awesome, nothing to worry about.

Blackstone Glacier

The last, but not least ones are all in the same group. Bathroom remodeling, ADT Home Security and Solar Power information. It makes total sense that I, a person who lives in an apartment, would need any of these services. I can’t wait to fix up my apartment enough to where I would NOT be able to get my deposit back.

There are several other spam/junk mails I get everyday, but the important thing is to look at them in a way that makes them not so “junky”. I might not be able to use these things in the way they are intended, but I can use them for this blog, right?

Matthew 13: 13;

Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

Moroni 7: 18;

And now, my brethren, seeing that ye know the light by which ye may judge, which light is the light of Christ, see that ye do not judge wrongfully; for with that same judgment which ye judge ye shall also be judged.

I have to admit, I don’t know anything about Glacier Layers or Vancouver. I just needed the letters. (If you can’t figure it out, I guess you can ask your wife) This particular person, among a few others, has decided not to treat me any different, after finding out my new way of life. I really appreciate this about him. (Are you going to start reading them now, Bub?)

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