Promptings of the Spirit…..Ouch!

This past Sunday was a wonderful day. I started the day by getting ready for Church. This went very well and I was my usual chipper self, probably because I made sure to pray first thing when I woke up. After I was ready, I went over to pick up our full time missionaries. They have a car every other week, they had it this week, but they don’t like using their miles up. Since I’ve been recently called to be a ward missionary, I spend a lot of time with them and use my miles up so they don’t have to. After I picked up the guys we headed over to an investigators house, and he was waiting outside for us, which was a good sign. We got everyone loaded up and headed over to the meetinghouse where we encountered the usual happy, smiling faces we see every Sunday morning. All of the meetings were great and insightful, which is good since we had the “new guy” with us. I can speak from experience and say, if the first sacrament meeting I went to was any different, I probably wouldn’t have gone back. So there is an absolute reason for me going on that particular Sunday, and think the same thing happened this past Sunday.

In the sacrament meeting we heard about raising kids in this time and age, and how difficult and easy it can be to keep them on the right track. We, then, went into Gospel Principals class and learned about our agency, our freedom to choose the right, or the wrong. The last meeting for me was the Elders Quorum meeting, where we heard about Exaltation and the steps we have to take in order to achieve this. At first glance they all seem separate, but when you think about it, they all seem to intertwine with each other in different ways. After the last meeting was over I was speaking with an Elder about a story he had shared during. I was doing my best to pay attention, but my “spidey-sense” took over, and I overheard someone (a certain, full time missionary, that I like to help and give rides to) saying “Jon has a nice voice!” I am Jon, and I know for a fact that I don’t sound good when I sing. He and the Sister in charge of the Christmas Cantata started to move in my direction. I bit my tongue and waited for the question to be asked. When she said she just needed a narrator, only the speaking parts, I eased up a little and agreed to help out. I’m a very shy person and I tend to stray away from partaking in activities like this, but I need to improve this aspect of my life, as I suspect I will be asked to speak many more times, for many more reasons, as I get older. Anyway, I delivered the guys back to their particular homes, and went on with my daily business.

I went over and visited with my dad for a few minutes. Actually, it was a bit longer because when I showed up there was a pleasing smell coming from the kitchen, and I hadn’t had lunch yet. I decided to wait around and see if he was going to offer anything to me, and he did, and it was glorious. I’ve had better food, but not that good on the kind of empty stomach I had. We finished eating and I decided I wanted to load up the stationary bike I’d been storing there for about a year. I said see you later, thanks for the meatballs, and headed over to my apartment. I hauled it up and placed it where I wanted it, in my “office” area, so I can hang coat and briefcase on it. I needed a bit of a break after this, and I had a simple “chore” to do, so I turned on the BYU channel and started writing out little notes for the Christmas Card Exchange I signed up for. I finished this fairly easy task and went to start dinner in the crock pot. This is the best invention ever for single guys. You can load a bunch of stuff in there that you think might go together, and cook it for hours, and it will turn out edible. Back to the story, I wanted to clean up a little, to keep myself busy. I know that I’m supposed to keep the Sabbath, but after I quit drinking and smoking, it’s best to just keep myself going. Plus, I’m more focused now, and more willing to finish projects, so if I start something, I usually need to finish it.

With having said that, I started by making my bed. This went pretty smoothly until I decided to pick up all the papers and other junk off of my table in there. Now I know that I had had the company of the Spirit for the majority of the day. I know this because I was calm, happy, cheerful, peaceful, and all those other adjectives that make you feel all gooey inside. Before I wrote this I looked up some of the other names of the Spirit. These include Holy Ghost, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord, and my favorite, Comforter. I like this one because it reminds me of how I feel on a cold winter morning, when I don’t have to get up at any certain time. The plush bed spread, usually used for decoration, probably has its name for a reason. Both the Spirit and the comforter, off of your bed, give you the same cozy feeling. One, when you are chilled, the other, when you are following the Commandments. I believe I broke one of the Commandments because during the process of cleaning up my “office” I stubbed my pinky toe on the newly positioned bike that was in there. I shook it off, kept on going and moved to my desk to clean something’s up. As I was passing by my new bike, I stubbed my toe for a second time. I decided after this that my bed room and office were clean enough. I moved into the living room to watch some television, and noticed that the coffee table was a bit messy. While I was straightening that table up I knocked over a half glass of soda. I was done after this. It was time to relax and give in to keeping the Sabbath holy, even if I thought I was doing so anyway. The Spirit left me to spill my Sprite. Oh, and I think my toe is broken too, or at least severely bruised.

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